HOW does the chia plotting service work?

Step 1 - Order Chia Plots

Decide how many plots you want to receive, enter your public farmer and public pool keys which we need to plots for you. Create an order and proceed to checkout and payment. Please make sure that the farmer and pool public keys are entered correctly in our dashboard, otherwise the plots wont farm for you.

Step 3 - Chia Plotting Service starts

The chia plotting service will start immediately and automatically as we receive your order. The plots are being generated on our dedicated enterprise chia plotting hardware. The usual time to generate plots is 8-10 hours, depending on the number of plots you want to receive.

Step 2 - Chia Plotting Dashboard

After successful order and payment, which you can do by PayPal, Credit Card, or Crypto, you will get Username and Password for our Chia plotting Dashboard. by email. In the dashbord you access our your orders, enter your keys and, see the status, stage and downloadlinks to your plots

Step 4 - Download your Chia plots

After completing the plotting service, we will transfer your plots to our download server, and you will be able to see the download link in our Chiaplotting customer dashboard. You can download your plots and start farming them using the Chia harvester on your personal computer or server.


Chia Plotting made in Switzerland

Hosted in Swiss Datacenters, each of our Chia Plotting servers has:

- 64 Cores

- 24 x 1.6TB SSD Enterprise Drives

- 768 GB DDR4 RAM

- Each Server can do 50+ parallel plots

- 100% data neutrality & security

In Total: 10'000 TB Chia plotting capacity per day

Our Data Center (No Stock Photo)

Our benefits

K32 plots ready within 1 day

Chia network k32 plots are the minimum plot size that can be farmed on the Chia network. We strongly recommend to use the k32 plot size because it has the best investment value for time and space invested compared to it earnings.


Download plots with 100Gbps

After your chia plot is complete, we will provide you a download link. You will be able to download your chia plots from our servers which are connected with 100gbs internet connectivity, so the download of your plots will be fast as lightning.

Test your speed here

7 days Plot retention time

Since chia plots are using a lot of disk space plots usually are not stored for more than 24h. We offer a standard retention time of 7 days. You will have seven days time to download the finished chia plot from our 100Gbps servers.

You need more download time?

Fast delivery and great service. I trully recommend.

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I got everything really fast and support was amazing! Thank you!

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I have no words to describe their service, it's trully amazing and fast. Thank you!

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