Chia Plotting and Securiry - How to secure your Chia?

For The Plotting Factory, security is one of our top priorities. Many people are newly inro crypto. Many are crypto experts but new to computer hardware. 

Chia Farming and Chia plotting is multidisciplinary, requiring an understanding of storage, networking, and computer architecture. 

We've been working in Hosting and Security for the last 20 years, and we would like to share some fundamental security practices with our customers.


Security is about making better decisions. You can never be 100% secure, but you can always make better decisions and be safer. Making better choices is especially important when it comes to protecting anything of value, like the XCH in your Chia wallet!

There are two main areas to consider: 

  • securing your Chia devices and your 
  • security habits

Keep this in mind: Don't trust anyone.

Assume malicious intent and verify things for yourself. Being reasonably paranoid when it comes to crypto is a good mindset. You intend to make things harder for the bad guys, and the steps below will help you do that. 

The Basics

Securing Your Devices

  • Keep your operating systems up to date.
  • Keep your router firmware up to date.
  • Use strong passwords for your computer login and other accounts.
  • Don't let people use your user account. Use guest accounts

Your Habits

  • Do not trust anyone. Assume malicious intent, especially on the internet.
  • Do not share your 24-word mnemonic key(s) with anyone.
  • When downloading Chia software, make sure you are downloading from the domain.
  • Avoid public Wifi, but if you use public Wifi, use a VPN
  • Don't become a target: Don't boast about your winnings. Please keep it to yourself.

Beyond the Basics

Cold Storage

Your XCH is only as secure as your wallet.

If your Chia wallet is not accessible electronically, it becomes challenging to compromise and steal (basically impossible). Therefore, we urge you to store your XCH in a cold wallet.

You will create a wallet through a new 24 word mnemonic key on a secured computer not connected to the internet. Store the key in a safe place, like a safe, and not in a computer. 

You will set your XCH receive address to the wallet address associated with this new mnemonic key that's in cold storage.

Some methods of cold wallet storage include:

  • writing your key on paper and storing it in a vault
  • using a metal wallet, where you press your key into pieces of metal
  • hardware wallets are USB drives that store your key

One way of utilizing wallets safely is this: Most of your XCH is stored in a cold wallet. You then have an accessible wallet (also known as a hot wallet) where you keep a little bit of XCH for spending as you need it.

Beware of Spearphishing

Do you know the person you are talking to online is who they say they are? Do you know if the website you're on is legitimate?

Spearphishing is a targeted attack where you are scammed in some way through legitimate-looking fake websites or messages.

  • When downloading Chia installers, verify the website you are on is and make sure there is a lock icon in the address bar.
  • Anyone contacting you through email or messaging apps could be potentially trying to scam you. Please beware of the links and files they send you. Double-check who they say they are. 

Third-party Tools and Scripts

It is lovely seeing the many community-driven tools that have sprung up to help you on your Chia farming journey. These tools can be handy, but they come with a risk. Unless you audit the code yourself, you don't know if what you're using isn't going to steal your private keys.

Even if you are using a popular tool that many say is safe, you don't know if the next version of the software you use has had malicious code added to it.

Remove Remote Access Tools

Many attackers use weaknesses with remote access tools like TeamViewer or Microsoft Remote Desktop to remotely infiltrate a computer and steal information. We highly recommend you turn off or uninstall such software on your computer. Turning off remote access tools varies across operating systems, so we leave it to you to research online and use the many guides out there to do this.

Device Encryption

Encryption is one of the best tools in your arsenal. Enabling device encryption for your computers is highly recommended. If your computer ever gets lost or stolen, your data will remain inaccessible. 

You can be assured that if you use our Chia Plotting Service, there is no sensitive Data involved. We only use your public key, and we don't need any wallet or personal information. Be careful who to trust when you are working in the field of Chia and Crypto.