Chia Plotting Service and your download speed

In our rescent blog post did go into details what Chia is, how to farm chia and how to do plot chia.

Using a plotting service like TheChiaFactory comes with a lot of advantages and benefits. But there some important points you need to consider.

Plotting speed vs your download speed

We at TheChiaFactory have a high output of plots. We can do 5000+ plots per day for customers ordering chia plots through our website. A k32 plot has a size of around 100GB. If you are ordering 10 Chia Plots, that would be 1000GB or 1TB in size. This is a huge amount of storage to transport over the public internet.

To check your download speed, find the following table, where you can see how long it would take to download one single plot (100 GB Filesize). 

To check your downloadspeed we integrated a Chia Plot Speedtest on our site. Check your download speed to determine how long it will take to download one single plot from our plotting servers.

Download speed Time to download
1 Mbit/s
2 Mbit/s
8 Mbit/s
24 Mbit/s
100 Mbit/s
250 Mbit/s 00:57:15
500 Mbit/s 00:28:37
1 Gbit/s
10 Gbit/s 00:01:25


Consider the Chia Plot and Plot retention time when ordering plotting service

Based on the download speed test and table above you can determine how long it will take to download. If you order chia plots you need to check the retention time of your chia plots at the chia plotting service provider.

Usually the retention time for chia plots is arround 12-24 hours. This means you need to download the chia plots within this timeframe, after that time the plots will be deleted and are lost forever.

However, we at TheChiaFactory have a retetion time of 7 days. You will be able to download your Chia Plots for full 7 days after the plotting process is finished.