Preorder Chia Pool Plots

Preorder Chia Pool Plots

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Preorder Order Chia Pool Plots now. 

Get your Chia Pool plots finished after 1 day after the release.

Reserve your Chia pool plots, we will start plotting your pool plots as soon pool plots are released. 

After the release of pools you will be able to add the pool key in our dashboard to start plotting.

You can access the chia plot status and download link through our Chia Plotting Customer dashboard.

Important: After your order you will be able to Sign In to the Chia plotting dashboard under

There you can assign your Farmer and Pool public keys to your order and plots so we can start potting for you.

Test your chia download speed here

Check our Chia Plotting FAQ if you have any questions.


Chia Pool Plotting Service overview:

The cost of one chia pool plot: 2.5 USD
Chia plotting starts in: Immediately
Our plotting capacity: 1000TB/day (10000 k32 Plots)
Chia plot delivery in: 12h
Download locations: EU, USA, ASIA, 
Retention time: 7 days (Extend here)
Data Center location: Switzerland
Payment: Credit Card, Crypto